Snowy Canadian Street at Dusk

Why the Weather May Not Be to Blame for Your Car Accident

If you’ve been in a car accident, always call a personal injury lawyer at KCY at LAW in Burlington. Burlington’s roads have been snowy and icy lately. However, that doesn’t mean they’re to blame for all accidents.

It’s always in your best interest to take down the other driver’s information and talk to a lawyer—just in case the damage to your vehicle or your body were more serious than you anticipated. It’s also possible they were driving dangerously, or acted negligent in some way.

Don’t forget that people also need to be held accountable for dangerous roadways. Our roads need to be properly maintained and this is never more important than it is over the winter months.

The same applies to a slip and fall accident. Too many people assume that slipping on the ice is just part of living in Canada. Meanwhile, their fall is more serious than they first realized and they might find themselves having to miss time from work, or pay for pain medication or rehabilitation. The people who failed to maintain their sidewalk or parking lot may be to blame for your slip or fall.

If you have sustained an injury and would like to see if you have a case, please contact one of our personal injury lawyers in Burlington, Milton, Oakville or Hamilton.