Why should I have an Employment Lawyer review my Employment Contract?

Why should I have an Employment Lawyer review my Employment Contract?

Whether you have just been given an Employment Contract or have recently been terminated from your employment, having a lawyer review this contract is crucial.

When beginning a job, it is important to know the terms and conditions of this new employment relationship. The Employment Contract can give you a sense of what to expect during employment and after potential termination. Reviewing this contract once you have been dismissed is just as important as the initial review because it outlines how the termination process should be handled by the employer. In this case, the employment lawyer would use the Employment Contract to compare its terms and conditions with what has been written in the Termination Notice. This process helps the employee recognize what they are entitled to and whether those terms have been provided by the employer.

Important Elements in the Employment Contract

Every Employment Contract includes content that is customary and contains details that protect both parties within this new relationship. How content is included or not included should not solely be about what is best for the employer – it is also for employees to determine if the employment relationship written in this contract is best suited for them.

Some elements of the Employment Contract that should be reviewed include:

The Job Description
Receiving a detailed job description from your employer is critical for the employee to understand their specific employment duties and what level of performance their employer will be anticipating.

Paying attention to payment conditions, amount of payment, and what benefits are included in the employment may seem obvious. But it is also important to review when payments will be made and whether you will be able to collect bonuses for good performance or other benchmarks.

The employer can include different factors that best suit their needs or protect them. If these terms are broken, it may involve termination. Reviewing what these terms are and the possible repercussions is vital for the employee’s protection during employment or if it becomes severed.

This would outline what kind of pay the employee will be guaranteed when dismissed and the amount of notice they are promised. This is extremely important because this part of the contract will be what protects the employee from possible financial stress when the employment relationship has ended.

These are only a few elements of the Employment Contract that are significant. The employee should be conscious of the contract in its entirety and should also receive help from a lawyer to make sure the entire contract is acceptable. Lawyers can act as another pair of eyes that have your best interest in mind, while also understanding what a good contract would look like for that specific employee.

KCY at LAW can review your contract, explain what all the terms and conditions mean, how they will affect you during and after the employment relationship, and possible next steps to ensure you are comfortable with signing the contract.

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