Why should employers implement a workplace wellness program?

Why should employers implement a workplace wellness program?

The conversation about work-life balance has become a popular topic among most workers. People are not only concerned about getting a good job, but also whether it provides opportunity to enjoy their lives outside of the workplace. One of the reasons this has become so prevalent is that many employees have begun prioritizing their mental and physical health over the demands of their job.

The quality of work-life balance and mental health wellness have both become imperative pillars in workplace culture because of the influence of COVID-19. The pandemic has allowed employees to recognize the preciousness of life, and how important it is to take care of our health. In 2020, people learned how to slow down, and reflect on how much their well-being was suffering for their income.

Employers have started implementing a wellness program at the workplace to enhance productivity and overall team health. These wellness programs can include gym memberships, access to meditation courses or applications, providing healthy lunches or snacks – it is the implementation of anything that could benefit an employee’s mental or physical health. Some workplaces even have wellness challenges where they will set company-wide fitness goals that can keep their employees engaged and motivated to complete their mental and physical health objectives.

Why should employers implement these programs?

Wellness programs not only benefit the employee and make their work life more sustainable, but they can also positively impact the employer. These programs can decrease health care costs for employers. Many employers spend large on health insurance and investing time in a healthy work environment for employees can actually work as an investment to reducing future costs. If employees spend more time caring about their health now, they can reduce the chance of needing medical help later.

When employees feel overworked, it becomes challenging to perform at the same level without breaks. When health and wellness is a top priority, there is a decreased chance that the employee will feel worn out, and less need for rest or sick days due to exhaustion. Because employees are spending time for themselves and taking care of their bodies, productive work habits become routinized instead of a draining demand.

If the workplace is demanding physically, wellness programs could decrease the number of injuries. When employees have the proper time to rest, it is easier to focus which makes the chances for injury decrease.

Health and wellness greatly impacts workplace culture because it elevates the spirit of each employee. With these programs, employees are learning how to focus on their health when they aren’t sitting at their desk. Getting up and finding small ways to be active can help increase endorphins and give employees more energy to expend throughout the day and week.

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