What skills are Canadian employers looking for?

What skills are Canadian employers looking for?

As the professional world is constantly adjusting to the current market, employers also need to modify the skills they will prioritize in the upcoming year. What do clients and customers appreciate? What experience has made the team stronger? What skills are currently rare? What proficiencies could give my company a competitive edge?

All these questions are considered when an employer evaluates their current team or begins the hiring process. Each year the answers to these questions could change, and it is up to workers to decide where they can add value, or how they could strengthen their value for the years to come. So, what skills are employers searching for?

Employers want employees who are:

  1. Adaptable. This has become a popular skill since the start of COVID-19 because there was no choice but to adapt to the new normal. In just three years, health and safety codes changed, virtual and hybrid work platforms were introduced, building a home office became necessary, layoffs were expected etc. All these factors taught employers just how important adaptivity was, and as more changes enter the workforce, this quality will be highly requested. For example, an adaptable employee means someone who can take initiative and learn how to best engage with other colleagues while working remotely.
  1. Communicative. Remote and hybrid working conditions will continue to develop and become more standardized. Connecting with people through a screen can be challenging and two-dimensional, and employers will be looking for employees who can maintain excellent relationships, even via a digital platform.
  1. Personable. An employee who is friendly and emotionally intuitive will have an easier time progressing in the workplace. Employers often hire and promote a teammate that people get along with because it creates a better team dynamic and environment. These employees will also have an easier time networking and acquiring clients that may bring in more business for the company.
  1. A good teammate. It has become critical that employees know how to work together across multiple platforms. When there are team projects, it is essential that employees remain inclusive and listen to all ideas and opinions. Even if there are a group of colleagues working in-office and only a select few working from home, employees should work to create a team environment where each member feels involved.
  1. Self-directed and prioritizes their time. Many employees who work remotely aren’t being managed as regularly. Many employees have had to learn to maintain their motivation on their own and stay on track. Employers will be looking for employees who have the drive to fulfill their responsibilities promptly, even when they are more isolated from the team.

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