What is the Employment Equity Program?

What is the Employment Equity Program?

As our communities become more diversified, it is important that employers understand the importance of representation and equal treatment at the workplace. Every member of the workplace should feel as though they are given the same chance for the same opportunities, not only for a period, but always.

The Legislated Employment Equity Program (LEEP) is outlined under the Employment Equity Act with the intention to help employers create and maintain a diversified workplace, one that prioritizes equity for all workers. Specifically, LEEP is keen on providing equity for Indigenous peoples, visible minorities, those with disabilities, and women.

What employers are responsible to follow this program?

LEEP is focused on employers working for federal organizations, federally regulated private organizations, or federally regulated Crown organizations, all with over 100 employees.

These employers are responsible for completing annual employment equity reports so LEEP can hold them accountable for their actions on a yearly basis. The report must contain information from both the present and past year. LEEP will then assess this report and post it publicly.

This report must include a list of the entire workforce and the employees that are Indigenous, disabled, a visible minority, or woman that worked the prior year. The employer is responsible for including the following about their current workplace: industry, type of employee (i.e., part-time), outlined group, salary and wage gap, promotions, all hired, and all terminated. Further, the employer must provide proof that they are actionably completing this responsibility, for instance, their course of action and the outcome of their methods.

If employers who fall under any of these categories fail to fulfill their responsibilities outlined in LEEP, the Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC) will hold the employer accountable for this violation. An employer can breach the program by failing to complete the report, excluding any of the above information, or presenting false information.

The CHRC oversees all human rights matters in Canada to ensure every Canadian is treated the same way. It should be known to all employers that defying the CHRC is a serious matter.

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