What is The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program?

What is The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program?

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) is an initiative that appoints foreign nationals or temporary residents who have skills and knowledge that are beneficial for Ontario employers to be hired as a permanent resident. This program can help workers find a job, and employers to recruit the best employees.

The OINP work with the Immigration, Refugees and Citizen Canada (IRCC) to make this selection. The worker must have the necessary skills, experience, and education to be nominated for this program.

How can the worker be entitled for this nomination?

Before being eligible for a nomination, the worker must first live outside of Canada or be authorized to work in Canada. The worker also must meet certain skill requirements, for example, have a Skill Level A designation which covers all professional work. And further, the employer recruiting the worker must be evaluated and accepted as a suitable administrator.

If the worker is qualified, the employer will submit their candidate for the program. The worker could be nominated through the foreign worker stream for those with desired expertise, international student stream for those who have a PhD or master’s degree, or through the in-demand skills stream for those proficient in manual work, like construction.

How does the worker apply for the nomination?

Once the worker is recognized as a qualified candidate and they have received an offer to apply or a “notification of interest”, they can begin creating their personal profile that correlates with the stream they identify with. For example, if the job offer is through the international student stream, you must register for and file an “expression of interest” with OINP.

Once their profile is created and they have been invited to apply or are a notification of interest, they can begin this process with OINP. The streams have different application periods, for example, if the worker is applying through the international student stream, they would have two weeks to file their application.

If the worker’s application is accepted, their next responsibility is they must then apply for permanent residency in Canada through the IRCC.

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