What can Canadian employees do to create better employee relations?

What can Canadian employees do to create better employee relations?

Most workplaces have a goal to establish a work environment that is team driven. When employers hire employees, they hope that they will not only perform their highest individually, but also perform well as a collective.

Working well as a team is a great idea in theory, but sometimes it can be hard for employees to really connect as a team. For example, there could be an instance where there has been a massive cultural change within a company, and the senior employees are on a different page than the new hires. This creates some tension between a previous and present team culture. The employer made the transition to a positive work environment, but there is also a responsibility for employees to find ways to support these present values and hold each other accountable.

Employee relations is a method to maintain good relationships between employees, which is a pillar to working as a team. The employees do not need to be best friends, but they must find a way to support one another to perform the company’s purpose. It is an important workplace dynamic to create a devoted team of employees with increasing productivity and enthusiasm for the company.

How can this support be created?

Employees should be open to starting new relationships. From the start, employees should introduce themselves and start initiating conversations. If there are times where all the employees gather for a sports game or an event, it is important that the employees are open to attending.

They should engage in meaningful conversation. Employees should get to know who their coworkers are outside of their job (while remaining professional). For example, their favourite thing to do on a Sunday. It gives the employee insight into whether they have a family, what their hobbies are, or what kind of lifestyle they enjoy living.

All conversations with employees should be positive. Even if there is an argument where employees disagree, coming together to find a solution to the problem is the positive approach.

Employees should always complete their responsibilities. If each employee is performing their role, then it makes it easier to count on one another. Trusting other co-workers can help establish a good foundation for a team to thrive.

Employees should all have respect for one another. When employees are productive and perform their role, respect comes more naturally. But when performances waiver, holding each other accountable is what can help build the desired respect.

Be accepting and receive employees with warmth. If new hires feel comfortable to come into the workplace and work with other employees, it will help the workplace environment thrive over longer periods. Further, if all the employees feel comfortable speaking to one another, whether it be easy or difficult conversations, it makes finding solutions to problems much easier.

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