What are Bare Minimum Mondays?

What are Bare Minimum Mondays?

Ever feel an overwhelming level of anxiety on Sunday evenings about Monday’s workload? You may be thinking about that early morning meeting, all the emails in your inbox, the long commute, that big presentation, the sense of dread you feel sitting at your desk etc. Almost every employee can say they have felt apprehensive about the first day of their workweek.

As caring for our mental health has become recognized as a necessary priority in our lives, employees have started to become more mindful about aspects of the workplace that have had a negative impact on their mental health for decades. Bare Minimum Monday is a new movement where employees will reduce their workload on Monday to overcome the anxiety of starting yet another exhausting work week.

Employees who engage in Bare Minimum Mondays will spend their time engaging in self-care, setting up a comfortable working atmosphere, completing only the necessary tasks, focusing on one task at a time etc. The main goal of this trend is spending Monday in a routine that provides a sense of comfort as opposed to feeling overwhelmed.

How can employers support Bare Minimum Mondays?

This trend has become popular not because employees have become lazier or lack work ethic; it has become favoured because employees are beginning to realize their needs and boundaries. As an employer, engaging in this mentality can have a positive impact on workplace productivity if managed correctly.

First, it can be an opportunity to set a routine that employees can look forward to. One of the reasons why employees feel so anxious about Mondays is the uncertainty. Planning a relaxing and inspiring schedule that would take place every Monday could increase its predictability and decrease anxiety. Instead of feeling fear, employees may start to look forward to the beginning of their week.

Employers can also think from the perspective of their employees and plan activities that would elicit motivation. Bare Minimum Mondays were curated as a tool to incorporate things employees love doing within their work week. Employers may want to plan time each Monday just for employees to experience something they find enjoyable in life and/or within their job.

Lastly, as Bare Minimum Mondays mostly involve employees building their own routine and having freedom, they are explicitly telling their employer that they like the sense of control. Employers can work on normalizing independence instead of confining their employees to an assigned schedule. If an employee wants to build a routine that involves self-care because they know that will improve their productivity, this level of self-awareness should be encouraged not discouraged.

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