Resignation Boom

Resignation Boom

The Post-Pandemic World is Pressing Workers to Resign from their Jobs

Statistics Canada recorded that around 130,000 workers have resigned from their jobs since the beginning of the pandemic. Many people have been struggling to produce a steady income during the past year, so why are so many people leaving their jobs?

Many workers were forced to slow down when the spread of COVID-19 led to a global lockdown in the winter of 2020. Workers began to experience a different environment, one that wasn’t fast paced and consumed with work. The shift from spending working hours at the office to being stuck at home was very difficult for many people. But this new dynamic forced many employees to recognize that maybe they were spending too much time working and not enough time with their loved ones.

COVID-19 has greatly affected work conditions and the predictions about how the workplace may be evolving is allowing workers to adapt and prepare for the future. This pandemic has given people the opportunity to analyse their pre-Covid life and take action on how they want their post-Covid life to unfold. Employees may realize that they require a job change, that they want to be around the house more often, or that they enjoy working online more than in the office. This new reality is what has caused many employees to resign from their previous jobs in hopes of finding another position more suited to their personal needs.

How things may change post-pandemic

Because of the increase of employee resignations, many employers may find a need to alter work conditions to fit the new demands of their current and future employees. For example, it may become essential for employers to offer remote work, whether part-time or full-time, in order to keep employees and not lose them to other companies who offer that option. This need for flexibility may be a new necessity for many employees who are all dealing with the aftermath of the virus and the effect it has had on themselves and their families.

How to resign according to the Employment Standards Act (ESA)

If an employee wants to resign from their job in Ontario, according to the ESA, the employee must provide a “reasonable notice” when declaring their resignation to the employer. The minimum notice under the ESA is two weeks.

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