How long do I have to sign my Employment Contract?

How long do I have to sign my Employment Contract

How long do I have to sign my Employment Contract?

You have just been offered a new job, and are thrilled that you were chosen. While waiting for your Employment Contract, you have managed to think of a multitude of questions, and aren’t sure who can provide and guarantee a correct response.

Some common questions when signing an employment contract include: How long do I have to review my Employment Contract? Do I need to sign the contract before I start? What if I have already begun my role and have not yet signed an Employment Contract?

There is no specific rule for how long you can take to sign your Employment Contract. However, it should be within a reasonable amount of time. Approximately three business days is a sufficient amount of time to review your Employment Contract. Do not feel that you need to review the contract on your own. KCY at LAW can answer any questions that you have regarding the contract, and may also initiate negotiations if necessary.

An Employment Contract does not need to be signed before you begin your job. An employment relationship can begin with a verbal acceptance of a new role. However, Employment Contracts are provided for the benefit of the employer, and they most likely will require that you agree to their conditions before you begin.

If you receive an Employment Contract from your employer that you believe is inadequate, you do not need to sign it right away. You may outline the areas of the contract that aren’t suitable to you, and potentially provide alternatives. Kathy Chittley-Young can help narrow down these requests and write a suitable response for your employer to review. However, if you leave the contract unsigned and refuse to accept the terms and conditions, you will be giving up the opportunity to enter into the employment relationship, and potentially lose the role.

If you have already been working for an extended period of time and have not yet signed your Employment Contract, the conditions of the existing contract may still apply. If something happens within the employment relationship, the employer can state the contract was never disputed and the employee cannot leverage their contractual privileges if they never signed. It is important that as an employee, you take action. It is best to either accept, forward modifications that you believe are necessary in order to sign, or refuse to sign.

If you need help reviewing your Employment Contract or have more questions about the terms and conditions of your contract, please contact KCY at LAW by filling in an online consultation request or contact us by phone at 905-639-0999 to book your consultation today.