How do I know whether I am choosing the right lawyer for me?

How do I know whether I am choosing the right lawyer for me?

When facing a legal issue, searching for legal representation can seem like a complex undertaking, one that most people never contemplate until a situation calls for it. You may be asking yourself: What kind of lawyer do I need for my legal matter? Who may be able to resolve my situation the best? Is my matter serious enough to seek legal advice? How much does it cost to hire a lawyer?

The first question that may be most poignant is: do I really need legal advice? If the problem is great enough that you have started to deliberate about the legalities of a situation, it is most likely serious enough to find a lawyer and get help. There are many instances in law where people even seek advice in a proactive manner, not just reactive. For example, employers will seek legal counsel when drafting employment contracts so they know the terms and conditions outlined are reasonable and will not present legal challenges in the future. If you are already thinking something is wrong, chances are there is, and it should be resolved.

Further, you may also be wondering what kind of legal expertise can best help with your case. Here at KCY at LAW, we are an employment law firm that seeks to help employers and employees with their employment matters which are governed under the Employment Standards Act, 2000 (ESA). Employment issues could include wrongful dismissals, employment contract review, employment contract drafting, constructive dismissal, severance package review, workplace restructuring etc. Kathy Chittley-Young, our in-house counsel, is also qualified to perform workplace investigations when a harassment or discrimination claim has been filed.

Do not be afraid to call a lawyer even if you aren’t sure whether they are the right type of lawyer for your matter. Worst case scenario is that you get in contact with a lawyer, and they refer you to someone else. This is not something to feel embarrassed about. They will refer you to the lawyer they think are best equipped for the job, which may greatly help with your search in finding the right counsellor.

As a future client, you should seek out many lawyers before making your final decision. It is useful to start a list of many lawyers you think could do the job. The list could include friends, family, references, or even lawyers from your own research. Once you have compiled a manageable list, you should create a set of questions that could help narrow down your pick. The questions could involve level of expertise, how they conduct their meetings, their process in resolving similar matters, price etc. This process is all about how well the lawyer will meet your requirements and how well your goals align.

If you believe your legal matter is an employment issue and require legal advice, please contact KCY at LAW by filling in an online consultation request or contact us by phone at 905-639-0999 to book your consultation today.