How do employers track employee efficiency when online?

How do employers track employee efficiency when online?

How do employers track employee efficiency when online?

As remote work becomes the standard, many people would think that it would be harder to track employee efficiency while they work from home. These employees aren’t in the office, so how will employers know if they stop working early or take an extra-long lunch break?

The answer is: employee surveillance. Employee surveillance is observing employees through gathering data to enforce a certain level of productivity during work hours. According to many business owners, it has become much easier to detect which employees are underperforming and which workers are most effective.

Why are employers choosing to monitor employees? Because not only do employers get to monitor productivity, but it is also easier to control how much work is being completed, how well employee relationships are developing, how much company-wide numbers are increasing, and how well employees are maintaining a good mindset.

If employees have company-loaned laptops, these may contain a software that can track very precise information – even down to how quickly the employee is hitting the keys. Employers can track several different platforms with this software, like an employee’s work email. Employers can see how many emails are incoming and outgoing – sometimes even certain content in the email itself.

How is this level of tracking within an employee’s rights? It is within the employers right to track the efficiency of their employees in Canada, but they must have reasonable intentions as to why they are monitoring work. Employers must respect the privacy of all their employees, and in Ontario, their privacy is protected under the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

When implementing any monitoring software in Canada, the employer is required to obtain the consent of the employee before they start surveying. The details of this software and what it would be tracking would be found in either a written notice or Employment Contract outlining what this surveillance would entail and giving them the option to accept or decline.

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