How can an employer create a more competitive workspace?

How can an employer create a more competitive workspace?

Have you felt your employees are lacking purpose? Have they become too lenient with deadlines or becoming complacent? It may be beneficial to implement some key strategies to build a more competitive workplace.

There is a fine line between building a competitive workplace that is healthy versus an unhealthy atmosphere for employees. An employer does not want to make the mistake of building a toxic work environment where issues like quick employee turnover, burnout, harassment, discrimination etc. can start to build. However, sometimes a team of employees need a reminder of how their determination can positively affect their job, the company, and the overall work environment.

A competitive work environment is a workplace that creates a competitive schema to produce an atmosphere that commends diligence, productivity, and zeal. It is a workplace environment that encourages goal setting and provides an opportunity to surpass these goals.

It is possible that this system can lead to an unhealthy work environment. So, it is important to focus on tactics that will only generate healthy competition between employees to produce a focused work environment.

How can an employer create a healthy work environment?

The competitive nature of the workplace should be aimed at a specific objective. If the goal is too generic, it may leave employees feeling like the goal is unattainable and give up before they have even started. For example, on a sales floor, the employer should focus on smaller targets, like setting a particular sales goal for the season and not generally stating that each salesperson should aim at producing the top sales in the firm.

Be open to planning team activities. Some employees have less experience in team settings than others. Coordinating team activities where competition can be practiced in a lighthearted atmosphere will be good practice for more serious matters at the workplace.

The employer should create short periods of competition with start and end dates. Asking employees to be competitive one hundred percent of the time is asking for too much. If employees feel as though they always need to be in that headspace, it could lead to burnout and eventually make productivity worse. Creating a project with a finish line in sight may motivate employees to perform at their highest level.

Reward not just the outcome, but also the progress. Employees should enjoy the process of the competitive atmosphere. They shouldn’t feel as though they must engage in competition to potentially receive an award. It could be demotivating in the long run – especially for a team member who has never won but is continuously trying their best. Each employee should be rewarded for going through the process, because they are learning valuable tools and making progress along the way.

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