Termination of Employment

Losing your job is a stressful ordeal. In addition to the financial and emotional worries that almost invariably come with being terminated, there is often added confusion and frustration when it comes to determining your severance entitlements.

Have you found yourself terminated suddenly?

After being terminated – especially if your employment is ended without notice – you are likely entitled to compensation – but knowing what you are owed in terms of notice, pay or benefits is often less straightforward than you might expect. Too often, employment contracts try to limit employee entitlements should they be terminated.

Upon termination, your employer may ask you to sign a termination package or execute a Full and Final Release. Do not sign anything before seeking proper legal advice.

In order to ensure that you have been compensated fully and properly in accordance with Ontario employment law you will need to have your severance package reviewed by an experienced employment lawyer.

Have you been terminated with or without cause – KCY at LAW can help

At KCY at LAW, we specialize in employment law for individuals who have been terminated with and without cause. Kathy Chittley-Young has the experience you need to ensure that your employer honours your rights as an employee.

She will be able to determine, based on your unique situation, if the contractual terms of your termination and severance package are legally acceptable.

We will ensure that your rights are protected and negotiate a fair settlement with your employer. Call us today at 905-639-0999

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KCY at LAW Testimonials

View some of the KCY at LAW reviews. As well as receiving reviews on Google our clients have also e-mailed us lots of great feedback about their experiences with us and you can view some of them below.

I had recently been impacted by a downsizing. I called KCY at Law to assist in an equitable compensation package and managing the legal routes.Kathy and Linda are an amazing legal team as well as Lorna on the accounting side. They engaged right away and started working on my behalf to assist in getting a better compensation package and navigating the legal talk between both parties. Right from day one, communication was amazing keeping me apprised of all events happening and helping make decisions throughout the process.Keeping the discussions at a human level and showing compassion during this difficult time for me and my family was very much appreciated and helped us keep calm and focused on moving forward.The end result from a great legal team was that I was very happy and satisfied with the compensation package which has allowed me and my family to move on to my next great opportunity.I would not hesitate to recommend KCY at Law to family and friends, it was a pleasure to work with the team.Thanks Kathy to you and your wonderful staff.
Mike M
Great help. Every set of the way. Thay care .
pat M.
I have had the pleasure of working with Kathy and Linda a couple of times, and had a very positive, efficient and easy experience.Linda is very responsive and setting up an appointment with Kathy was quick and smooth.Kathy is extremely knowledgable and thorough. I've been on both the employer and employee side, and in both instances Kathy was able to provide me with invaluable expertise. She was thorough, patient and understanding in both instances. And, what I really value most about Kathy is that she doesn't just tell you want to do, she really takes the time to explain everything in detail and ensures you understand the "whys" and hows". After my meetings with Kathy, I felt as though I had taken an intro to an employment law class! It's evident that she cares about what she does and not only does the job that is asked of her, but goes beyond to ensure that her clients really understand the nature of their situation so that they can carry that knowledge with them going forward.Thank you Kathy and Linda! I recommend KCY at Law and will definitely be in touch with them again in the future.
Carla M.
I found Kathy and her team very supportive, professional and efficient with my time, I believe I ended up with a better settlement due to their expertise
John S.
They couldn't take my case, but still called me back and reffered me to the right people. This is how lawyers should be, caring towards clients who come to them for help. Didn't use their service, but would still recommend them
Aaruni A.
Very happy with the professionalism, dedication, and strong defence that Kathy built for my case. She got the best result possible for my situation, and I am very grateful to her and the entire team. Special thanks goes out to Linda who was in constant communication with me. A very strong lawyer above all, Kathy was kind and took the time to answer all of my questions, explained multiple possible scenarios, and gave me advice that was in my best interest. I can't speak highly enough of her and I would highly recommend Kathy because I believe she is the best employment lawyer in the Halton Region!
Zivko D.
Kathy provided me with great insight, advice and strategies that enabled me to secure significant incremental value on what I thought was a strong initial offer.
John H.
Kathy and her team were great! They were professional and easy to deal with. Kathy was very thorough in explaining what options were available and fought hard to get the best negotiated settlement for me. I would highly recommend KCY @ Law!
Bruce B.
Thank-you for making this a fairly simple and painless process as I am not accustomed to being in this position nor retaining legal services.Please thank Kathy for taking on my case in such short notice and digesting all this information in such a timely manner. The end result was beautifully and precisely summarized.
George V.
Due to covid, I lost my job recently and was very stressed out when I saw the termination letter with very low pay. I knew I could get more, so I did a google search for employment lawyers. That is when I found Kathy through google search and because she had great reviews, I decided to call her. She was extremely nice, very straightforward, accommodating, and listened to all my concerns. I booked a consultation with her and she explained everything to me in detail which made me negotiate a better deal than I was previously offered. Thanks to her advice and straightforwardness, I got more than I initially thought I could get. I loved working with her and her team. Definitely recommend her without a doubt. Thanks, Kathy and Linda!
Natasha M.
If you have an employment issue or severence to negotiate look no further!! I was in such good hands with Kathy. I always felt well informed and looked after. I had a very quick and satisfying severence agreement negotiated on my behalf so I was able to move on to my next awesome chapter. Thank you KCY Law!!
I recently worked with the KCY team and I can say I was extremely pleased with their efficiency of getting the job done and their focus on customer service. I felt like this was more than just a transaction to Kathy and her knowledge helped me to reap optimal benefits from our negotiations. Her team was also very effective in making sure all the loose ends were tied up properly. I would highly recommend them for any of your employment law needs.
Joyce H.
Kathy and all the staff at KCY were amazing to work with.I was in a tough work situation and with one phone call to KCY Law I was more comfortable and informed.Kathy walked me through everything I needed to know and the whole team was a great support. Thank you!
Christine W.
Having run a software development company in the US for over seven years, when we opened our office in the GTA we required guidance over the legal differences here in Ontario. Kathy and team were more than up to the task, and helped us get off the ground and hire our initial Canadian employees.
Simon P.
I've dealt with many law firms and individual lawyers over my 42 years in the financial services industry and as a retired CEO, and my experience with KCY these past few months has been the most positive. Kathy and her team are professional, efficient, communicative (which can be rare), and very sincere in their care for me as a client. I would highly recommend this team for any legal advice, strategy or ultimately, action.
Kelly M.
My negotiations were not going well so I made an appointment to get some advice from Kathy. Her staff were great, they managed to get me an appointment very quickly and they let my ex-employer know that she was representing me. She clearly explained what was required by law and I followed her advice to the letter. I was able to negotiate a fair settlement very quickly, which I believe was in part due to Kathy's tough reputation preceding her.
Stuart K.
I have never written a review or testimonial before, but in this case I feel it well deserving.After nearly 30 years of employment with the same company I suddenly found myself suffering from a debilitating neurological disorder and unable to work, or to do many daily tasks that one would normally take for granted. My long term disability carrier decided to stop benefits after two years, even though they had more than enough documentation to continue with coverage. Because I was technically still employed I could not draw on my company pension to help ends meet. I decided to seek counsel for my situation, and this is where my journey with Ms. Kathy Chittley Young began. Her compassion and concern for my well being was evident from our first encounter. My thoughts were to seek a mutual separation from my employer due to unforeseen illness and to then be able to draw on my company pension for income. This quickly became more complex than I imagined it possibly could be, but with Kathy’s vast knowledge of employment law, she quickly came up with a strategy that we discussed in depth and decided to pursue. Kathy and I, as well as my long term disability lawyer went over everything together so as to not jeopardize each other’s mission and I never felt as though I was out of the loop. If there was something I didn’t understand or had questions about, Kathy always took the time to explain it to me so I felt confident in our pursuit. Within a short time Kathy was able to secure me with a departure package as well as benefits for a fair and mutual separation from my employer.I would also be very remiss if I didn’t thank Ms. Chittley Young’s legal assistants, Linda and Lynn for all of their help and reassurance with my day to day phone calls and inquiries. Not ever once did they make me feel like my questions weren’t important. When I would show up for an appointment they would always make me feel welcome and always had a hot drink to offer on those cold, cold January days. When I signed off on my agreement at KCY and thanked Kathy for all of her help and guidance, I really felt inside like I was saying goodbye to part of my family.We all hope that we will never need the assistance of a lawyer, but if and when the circumstance arises, it’s very important to get the right team the first time.Leigh W
Leigh W
Kathy and her team were excellent to work with! Absolutely professional and top notch service.
John K.
From the very beginning, I felt like I was in exactly the right place for my employment legal matter. Kathy walked me through the ins and outs of employment law, and kept me apprised of all communications from my previous employer. The entire team at KCY at Law worked diligently on my case, performing regular follow up with opposing attorney to ensure a timely and satisfactory outcome. I could not have transitioned out of my previous employment without Kathy's help and guidance.I highly recommend Kathy and her team.
James C.
Kathy and her staff are awesome. They took such great care of me. I would 100% use them again and I highly recommend them.
Lee A
I have nothing but good things to say about Kathy and her staff. She sure knows the law and was able to help me out. She handled my case with professionalism throughout the entire process. Kathy is meticulous, approachable, she reviewed the details of my case, educate me on employment law. I would recommend Kathy to anyone that needs legal advice or assistance regarding an employment matter. Thank you!
Souad M
Kathy offered professional support to me to get my rights from ex. Employer after 27 years of services. I hesitated several times before I call her as I was worried about lawyer's fees. At the end I got more compensation and benefits from my employer through Kathy. Even after the case sorted out she still follow up with me to ensure that I got all my benefits and she act on my behalf immediately in case I need her advice or action.Thanks Kathy to you and your wonderful staff
Hosny S.
Kathy Chittley-Young will fight for your case 100% hands down. Had a great experience over the last two years while her and her amazing team worked on my case. I would recommend Kathy's services 100%.
James E.
KCY At Law was not able to help me in my particular situation but were very honest and helpful. The fact they followed up shows good business practice and professionalism.
Dan C.