Employment Law

Employment Law involves the various legal rights and obligations which govern all aspects of the workplace relationship between employers and employees. It includes issues arising from hiring, contractual agreements, termination, human rights, employment standards, retirement, benefits and fiduciary obligations.

KCY at LAW proudly serves Burlington, the Niagara Region and the Greater Toronto Area with our employment law services.

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KCY at LAW offers tailored employment law services to both employers and employees. With over 18 years’ experience in employment law, Kathy Chittley-Young provides expert advice for employers and employees alike. With KCY at LAW you will experience the difference – we are approachable, well-prepared and ready to put our expertise to work for you!

Employment Law
for Employers

Helping employers reduce costs and resolve employment matters efficiently.

Employment Law
for Employees

Providing advice and representation to protect employees’ workplace rights.

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Termination of Employment Lawyer - Burlington, Ontario

Termination of Employment

If you have been dismissed without cause or have experienced a termination of employment, you are entitled to reasonable notice and/or compensation. KCY at LAW has the expertise to advise you and negotiate a fair and reasonable termination package on your behalf.

Severance Packages

Severance Packages

If you are terminated without cause, you will likely be presented with a severance package.  Your entitlements will depend on a combination of factors including your contract, your position, age and length of service. KCY at LAW can ensure you get a fair severance package.

Negotiating & Drafting Contracts Burlington Ontario

Employment Contracts

Employment contracts outline the terms of the relationship between employers and their employees. Employment contracts are legally-binding documents that set out the nature of the employment obligations and clarify what each party can expect from the other.

Workplace Harassment

Workplace Harassment

From offensive jokes to bullying, workplace harassment is a serious issue that creates a toxic work environment, which no employee should have to endure. The legal team at KCY at LAW will ensure your concerns are properly investigated and resolved, to provide a safe and harassment free work environment.

Human Rights Complaints - KCY at LAW

Human Rights Complaints

Everyone is entitled to be treated fairly, respectfully and free from discrimination at their place of employment. KCY at LAW can advise you of your rights, determine if they are being breached and advocate the strongest possible human rights complaint on your behalf.

Employment Equity

Employment Equity

Employment equity recognizes that there are systemic barriers hindering the full participation of certain population groups in the labour market. Employers have a duty to improve opportunities for these groups as much as is reasonably possible and KCY at LAW can help employers create employment equity.

Workplace Policies

Workplace Policies

Workplace policies and procedures are the formal rules and guidelines that set out expectations of behaviour and performance in the work environment. They create a standardized and transparent framework to which workers, managers and employers are held accountable and is fair and just for all parties.

Workforce Restructuring

Workforce Restructuring

In order to meet the dynamic and competitive demands of the modern economy, employers must regularly adjust and restructure their workforce. There are many interdependent factors that must be taken into consideration throughout the entire decision-making and transition process.

External Workplace Investigations

External Workplace Investigations

Employers now have a statutory duty to conduct workplace investigations when in receipt of a complaint, or, if they suspect that there is harassment in their workplace. Kathy Chittley-Young is a certified External Workplace Investigator. If the need arises to have an external investigation conducted, Kathy can conduct the full investigation and provide a report detailing the investigation.

Conducting Workplace Investigations
Experienced Litigator
Conducting Mediations


I found Kathy to be exceptionally well connected in terms of business intelligence and trends, and offering various strategies for moving forward.

Before doing anything, give Kathy a quick call, you’ll quickly see what I mean.  Invaluable advice!  …and she responds so quickly.  Excellent.

I will be recommending Kathy’s firm to my friends; with high praise.

Mary S. Legal Consultation

Below is my message to all professionals both entering and exiting the workforce:

I was slightly out of my depth while I was in dispute with my employer.

I had started to piece together a compelling statement that I was sure to convey a stern message. Unfortunately it fell on deaf ear, and a separation agreement was presented to me. I had reached out to many lawyers that barely took sincere concern, until Linda Murray, Legal Assistant, had called.

In talking with Linda, I instantly felt relief. Linda had prepped me for Kathy, optimizing both our time in consultation.

My consultation with Kathy was more a 2 hour mentorship. Kathy educated me in my rights, and action that I can take. She held me accountable to myself in the utmost professional manner. The value that I received leaned into self advocacy and liberation. I left her office feeling more knowledgeable about the workforce, how I will conduct myself in later years as a young professional.

Kathy and her team will be apart of my future decisions when on boarding with a new employer.

Thank you to the team at KCY at LAW. I know that I have a team behind me.

Jenn C.

Jenn C.Legal Consultation

One day, after over 30 years of a successful career and hundreds of priceless relationships built, you are handed an envelope at 5 o’clock, told you are no longer needed, handed an envelope and that you should get a lawyer.

Not the best day for sure, but it did get considerably brighter once I met with Kathy Chittley-Young and her team at KCY at LAW.

Upon arriving at KCY at LAW I was greeted with warmth and consideration. Kathy carefully walked me through the structure of the severance process. Lots of people will give you lots of advice and opinions once you are severed, but Kathy was able to manage my expectations framing it from the perspective of the employer, myself and the courts. It is evident that she has had a lot of experience handling these matters from both sides. She kept me informed regularly by copying me the correspondence, saving me the cost of inquiring phone calls. The staff made sure the other team was working on the matter by reminding them of the lag time if they hadn’t heard back at regular intervals.

Kathy’s attention to detail gives you the confidence that no money has been left on the table. She checks figures for accuracy and uses relevant comparables. As a result, my agreement was wrapped up quickly and was very fair from both sides.

During this emotional and stressful time of life I couldn’t recommend anyone more equipped or competent than Kathy Chittley-Young to have on your side.

Laurel MEmployment Law

I was experiencing pay equity issues and matters of company policies / compensation not being enforced fairly or unilaterally with fellow employees. It was a challenging decision to proceed with the matter under legal consultation with Kathy and her Team. Kathy’s strategy of forward thinking and planning assisted to steer the matter for a positive outcome. The Team at KCY is very professional and compassionate for their clients who are dealing with trying and challenging matters.

Debbie AEmployment Law

We approached Kathy and her team late last year when it became apparent we would need some help with employment issues. Although the process to resolve those issues was longer and more challenging than we hoped for, Kathy’s guidance and advice was invaluable.

Kathy always took care to make sure we knew the up and down sides of any decision, and represented our interests to others in an informed and robust way, but for us the most important part of Kathy’s support was the ongoing encouragement to keep the legal matters in perspective and focus on all the steps necessary to move past a difficult situation. We’d strongly recommend KYC at LAW to anyone that needs help with employment issues.

Julie AEmployment Law

I am grateful to have worked with Kathy Chittley-Young after my dismissal from my job. Kathy is very professional, she was thorough, an effective communicator, and very timely in all her responses and correspondence. During my times of doubt and impatience, Kathy was reassuring and gently encouraged perseverance on my part which in the end worked to my benefit. Additionally, the KCY at Law office was a pleasure to work with and I felt comfortable reaching out anytime with my questions. I would without hesitation recommend the services of Kathy Chittley-Young.

Gabriella PTermination of Employment

I was referred to Kathy Chittley-Young by a business colleague to assist me in handling an employment matter.

Kathy was very clear in her explanations of the law as it applied to my case and in explaining my options. Ultimately it was my decision on the direction we took. Follow up was complete, timely and very thorough.

Kathy is a superb writer and I was very impressed at how she was able to sort through the ‘stuff’ and get to the point with the other side. We were successful in securing a reasonable severance/exit package.

I would highly recommend Kathy as an employment lawyer.

Rosemary CEmployment Law

When I was unexpectedly terminated, I had no idea where to turn. My employer told me the reason was ‘a business decision’ and cited ’restructuring‘. They told me I had been an exemplary employee. So I went and saw Kathy at KCY. She walked me through the contract I had signed with my employer and explained how it related to both ESA and the common law. I proceeded with my case and Kathy and her team worked to obtain a substantially larger settlement for me.

Ron FTermination of Employment

After being wrongfully dismissed from my last position, I did not hesitate to contact KCY at LAW to represent my interests. Throughout the litigation Kathy took the care to closely review the details of my case, educate me on employment law, and explain my options at every stage. Ms. Chittley-Young used a concentrated proactive approach in an effort to expedite proceedings and minimize legal costs.

Jay SWrongful Dismissal

Thank you very much for getting me through a very stressful time. There were a number of times I was willing to give up and throw in the towel but your dedication and willingness to stand up for me was a great sense of strength for me. The process did fully overwhelm me. I was stymied that anyone would have to go through this ordeal. You certainly made things a lot easier to deal with.

Tom TEmployment Law

Thank you for your excellent negotiations and very generous time to reach a severance settlement for me. I truly appreciate your extra efforts on my behalf! You and your law team are outstanding professionals. I learned a great deal from you during this process. I’m very pleased with the positive outcome!

Cheryl S Termination of Employment

Kathy’s ability to clearly map out the legal process, act as a true advocate and strategically negotiate the best settlement possible are only a few of the tremendous services KCY at LAW provided. Kathy and her team are always professional and very personable. They are always prepared to listen to your concerns and questions, leaving you with a tremendous sense of confidence and trust in representing your case as well as avoiding costly litigation.

Stephen AEmployment Law

As a previous client, Kathy kindly helped review my employment offer and suggested some important areas to negotiate. My new employer accepted those terms immediately and I am now in a much better position should my employment be terminated without cause. I would recommend Kathy to anyone that needs legal advice or assistance regarding an employment matter. Thank you so much Kathy!

Charles FEmployment Law

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