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Employment Law Lawyer Burlington Ontario

Employment Law

Employment Law involves the various legal rights and obligations which govern all aspects of the work place relationship between employers and employees. It includes issues arising from hiring, contractual agreements, termination, human rights, employment standards, retirement, benefits and fiduciary obligations.

KCY at LAW proudly serves the Burlington, Oakville, Milton and Greater Hamilton Areas with our employment law services.

Client Testimonials

As a previous client, Kathy kindly helped review my employment offer and suggested some important areas to negotiate. My new employer accepted those terms immediately and I am now in a much better position should my employment be terminated without cause. I would recommend Kathy to anyone that needs legal advice or assistance regarding an employment matter. Thank you so much Kathy!

CharlesEmployment Law

Kathy’s ability to clearly map out the legal process, act as a true advocate and strategically negotiate the best settlement possible are only a few of the tremendous services KCY at LAW provided.  Kathy and her team are always professional and very personable. They are always prepared to listen to your concerns and questions, leaving you with a tremendous sense of confidence and trust in representing your case as well as avoiding costly litigation.

Kathy and KCY at LAW are your full service ‘people’ law firm that truly cares about representing you to the best of their ability

~ Thank you Kathy & Team ~

S. AshworthEmployment Law

After being wrongfully dismissed from my last position, I did not hesitate to contact KCY at LAW to represent my interests. Throughout the litigation Kathy took the care to closely review the details of my case, educate me on employment law, and explain my options at every stage. Ms. Chittley-Young used a concentrated proactive approach in an effort to expedite proceedings and minimize legal costs.

Jay SmithWrongful Dismissmal

Thank you very much for getting me through a very stressful time. There were a number of times I was willing to give up and throw in the towel but your dedication and willingness to stand up for me was a great sense of strength for me. The process did fully overwhelm me. I was stymied that anyone would have to go through this ordeal. You certainly made things a lot easier to deal with.

Tom TinmouthEmployment Law

Thank you for your excellent negotiations and very generous time to reach a severance settlement for me. I truly appreciate your extra efforts on my behalf! You and your law team are outstanding professionals. I learned a great deal from you during this process. I’m very pleased with the positive outcome!

Cheryl SoderlundEmployment Law

When I was unexpectedly terminated, I had no idea where to turn.  My employer told me the reason was ‘a business decision’ and cited ’restructuring‘.  They told me I had been an exemplary employee.  Sound familiar?  So I went and saw Kathy at KCY.  She walked me through the contract I had signed with my employer and explained how it related to both ESA and the common law.  She did a quick check of previous similar legal cases and advised that the severance I had been offered was far less than what I might reasonably expect to be awarded if I was to proceed with legal action.  Remember, most employers will typically offer you the bare minimum as set out in ESA.  I proceeded with my case and Kathy and her team worked to obtain a substantially larger settlement for me.  I can’t say enough about their professionalism and am very happy to recommend the services of KCY at Law to anyone in a similar situation.

Ron FEmployment Law

Employment Law

Termination of Employment Lawyer - Burlington, Ontario

Employers Rights & Obligations

Our law firm has extensive experience in providing legal advice to small and mid-size employers on all types of employment issues that arise in your business. We can provide services to act on your behalf, or we can provide you with the knowledge and guidance you need on how to handle a specific situation on your own.
Wrongful Dismissal Lawyer Burlington Ontario

Wrongful Dismissal

If you are faced with what you think may be a wrongful dismissal — do not quit – do not take any action before consulting with a lawyer. We can guide you through the process of a wrongful termination to protect your rights and to ensure that the best possible situation will result.
Negotiating & Drafting Contracts Burlington Ontario

Negotiating & Drafting Contracts

Are you contemplating entering into an employment contract or a consulting contract? Whether you are an employee or an employer KCY at LAW has the expertise to negotiate a contract on your behalf prior to any party committing to the agreement.
Employment Law Services for Employers - KCY at Law - Burlington

Employment Law Services for Employers

KCY at LAW provides employment law experience and expertise to help resolve legal matters quickly and/or to work through formal legal processes to help your organization control costs, mitigate risk and prevent a recurrence of similar issues in the future.

Constructive Dismissal Employment Lawyer

Only an employment lawyer that has specific expertise in the area of constructive dismissal can properly assess whether or not you have a legitimate case against your employer for constructive dismissal. Kathy Chittley-Young and her team have the experience necessary to advise you on your constructive dismissal case.
Human Rights Complaints Lawyer - KCY at Law - Burlington

Human Rights Complaints

Every person working in any company or organization has certain basic rights which may be categorized as human rights. Any violation of these rights is totally unacceptable and may be questioned under the provisions of the Human Rights Code and governing legislation, as well as employment laws.

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