KCY at LAW works for both employers
and employees.

Employment Law involves the various legal rights and obligations which govern all aspects of the work place relationship between employers and employees. It includes issues arising from hiring, contractual agreements, termination, human rights, employment standards, retirement, benefits and fiduciary obligations.

•  Consultations on termination of employment; notice and severance

•  Negotiations with your employer to ensure a fair compensation
packages; either on hire or upon termination.

•  Wrongful or Constructive Dismissal claims; including litigation up to
and including trial.

•  Drafting and negotiating employment contracts; non-union.

•  Advising employers on their legal rights and obligations with employees.

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Thank you for your excellent negotiations and very generous time to reach a severance settlement for me. I truly appreciate your extra efforts on my behalf! You and your law team are outstanding professionals. I learned a great deal from you during this process. I’m very pleased with the positive outcome!

- Cheryl Soderlund

After being wrongfully dismissed from my last position, I did not hesitate to contact KCY at LAW to represent my interests. Throughout the litigation Kathy took the care to closely review the details of my case, educate me on employment law, and explain my options at every stage. Ms. Chittley-Young used a concentrated proactive approach in an effort to expedite proceedings and minimize legal costs.

- Jay Smith
Employment Law